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After 10 years of Nature Park work in cross-border cooperation, the Nagelfluhkette Nature Park has become an institution both in the Allgäu region as well as in the Bregenz Forest. According to the slogan „protect and use" („Schützen und Nützen"), the Nagelfluhkette Nature Park aims not only to preserve and care for the species-rich and versatile cultivated landscape but also to develop the region in a sustainable way. Partnership and communication rank among the most important tools in the Nature Park work. The Nagelfluhkette Nature Park is considered as hotspot of biodiversity in the Alpine region.

Causes for it are:

  • The big difference in altitude between the valleys/canyons and the mountain peaks. Each altitude level has its own, typical, adapted species.
  • The geologic diversity of molasse, flysch and Helvetikum. Especially the close coexistance of calcareous and non-calcareous rock is conducive to biodiversity as there are specially adapted calciphilic and calcifugal species.
  • Cultivation of natural areas by humans. In the course of centuries, new and biodiverse habitats have developed.
  • Diverse habitats such as rivers and lakes, canyons and forests, moors and wet meadows as well as alpine pastures and alpine grass.



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